Exhibitors List

Company Name Product Category Booth No
Alps Enterprises Appliances: Vacuum Cleaner G5
Amerex Pvt. Ltd. Kitchen Appliance  J9
ASK Handicrafts Ltd. Handicrafts I11
Bada Hardware Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd Hair Dryer H15
Baijunda Electronics Pvt. Ltd. Telecommunications & Car Vehicle E3-E4
Betta Electronics Speakers & Technology Headphones, Home Theatres C20
Bhalaria Metal Craft Pvt. Ltd. Kitchen Essential, Flatware, Metal Ware & Bar Accessories L11-L12-L14
Biz Secure Labs Pvt Ltd. Antivirus Net Protection Software F6
Bostar Technology Inc. Mobile Phone Case H10
China Coucil For The Promotion Of International Trade Guangdong Shunde Committee Furniture H22-H23
Chun Yu (Dongguan) Metal Products Co., Ltd. Drywall Screws, Construction Bolts I24
Dongguan Changyue Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Bluetooth Speaker, Portable Speaker, Wireless Speaker I6
Dongguan Donghe Electronics Co., Ltd. Electronic Products I7-I8
Dongguan Eretec Electronics Co., Ltd. Earphone E19
Dongguan Flex Technology Co., Ltd. Mobile Power, Bluetooth Devices I9
Dongguan Huarui Lock Technology Co., Ltd. Electronic Products H6
Dongguan Jinwenhua Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Bluetooth Speaker B22
Dongguan Jiudian Industries Co., Ltd. Power Bank D17
Dongguan Kinglion Electronics Co., Ltd. Computer, Charging Line H8
Dongguan Leaper Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Wireless Charger, Power Bank, Adapter D31
Dongguan Mingheng Smart Home Co., Ltd. Functional Sofa H28-H29
Dongguan Omni Smart Technology Co., Ltd. D9
Dongguan Sunwe Electronic Co., Ltd. Earphone D7-D8
Dongguan Trangjan Industrial Co., Ltd. Cable, Charger, MFI Certified Accessories E9-E10
Dongguan Xingdong Electronics Co., Ltd. Cooling Fans, DC Fans, AC Fans, Blowers, Cross Flow Fans D25
Elink Electronics(China) Co., Ltd. HDMI Cable, USB Cable, Network Cable, Power Cord, Audio & Video Cable, SATA Cable, HDMI Converter, Type C Cable, & Computer H9
E-Power Limited Bluetooth Speakers, Bluetooth Earbuds, Headphones & Other Bluetooth Devices E14-E15
Form Electronics Co. Ltd. Bluetooth Speaker E28-E29
Foshan Flc Lighting Co., Ltd. SKD For LED Bulb, Die-Casting Lighting & LED Driver I21
Foshan Haotian Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. Water Heater, Toaster Oven, Meat Grinder E32
Foshan Hojid Electrical Equipment Ltd. Milk Frother, India Tea Machine F31
Foshan Lecon Kangtian Electrical Co., Ltd. Oven, Fryer, Mixer, Ice Cream Machine, Refrigerators, Sandwich Makers, Pop Corn Makers, Ice-Making Machines, Soya-Bean Milk Machines H21
Foshan Mejazz European Furniture Co., Ltd. Modern Style Furniture, Dinning Chair, Metal Chair I26-I27
Foshan Shunde Xiangtai Purification Material Industrial Co., Ltd. Air Filter & Air Purifier F41
Foshan Sunlink Furniture Ltd Sofa, Coffee Table, Dining Table, Aluminum Chair H26-H27
Giftmark Industries Décor, Furniture L8-L9-L10
Gorani Industries Ltd. Kitchen & Home Appliances F5
Guangdong Afri-Ke Business Technology Co., Ltd. G14
Guangdong Inflea Network Information Co., Ltd. Electronic Products H7
Guangdong Penghaoxin Power New Energy Co., Ltd. Battery E31
Guangdong Tanggula Culture Creativity Co., Ltd. Earphone Accessories B40-B41
Guangdong Tianqiu Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. Dry Battery E18
Guangdong Yonghong Watch & Clock Co., Ltd. Quartz Watch, Mechanical Watch A3-A4
Guangzhou Crazy Cool Technology Co., Ltd. Projector C23
Guangzhou Expo Electronics Ltd. Home Use LED TV, Smart LED TV G26-G27
Guangzhou Hd Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. LED TV F7-F8 G7-G8
Guangzhou Lont Electronic Co., Ltd. Yogurt Machines, Mixer Grinders, Juciers, Sport Blender, Commercial Blender E16
Guangzhou Shenhai Advertising Co., Ltd. Advertising Company C42-C43
Guangzhou Shenkang Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. Mobile Phone Leather Flip Cover, Leather Case, Printing Case, Blue Tooth Headphones Blue Tooth Speaker E21
Guangzhou Ssuo Electronics Co., Ltd. Watch Battery B3
Guangzhou Strong Sound Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. Portable Outdoor Speakers, Mini Bluetooth Speakers, Microphones, Karaoke Systems, Public Address Systems And Pro-Audio Systems C11
Guangzhou Tiger Head Battery Group Co., Ltd. Dry Battery, Solar Battery, Consumer Elecronics G31-G32
Guangzhou Uwin Houseware Co., Ltd. PVC Floor Covering, Anti-Fatigue Mat, Kid`s Play Mat, Yoga Mat, PVC Shelf Liner, Eva Shelf Liner E24-E25
Guangzhou Zr Watch Import & Export Co., Ltd. Bestdon Watch A1-A2
Huizhou Jiayinnuoxin Technology Co., Ltd. Radios, Headphones, Wireless Speakers F27
Jiangmen Geenwah Industries Co., Ltd. Blender H1-H2 I1-I2
Jiangmen Kingfai Electrical Appliance Ind. Co., Ltd. Stand Mixer H1-H2 I1-I2
Jiangmen Otlan Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. Instant Electric Water Heater H20
Jiangmen Yongkeng Electric & Hardware Co., Ltd. Electric Kettle, Toaster, Blender H5-I5
Jiangxi Guoji Nanotechnology Co., Ltd. Polymer Nano Storage Rack, Polymer Nano Tomb Protection Box  H30
Jiangxi Hongsheng Furniture Co., Ltd. Bookshelf, Reading Tables & Chairs, Meeting Tables & Chairs, Office Desks & Chairs & Other Library Furniture, Office Furniture H31
Jiangxi Jinhu Safe Equipment Group Co., Ltd. Intelligent Security Insurance Equipment, Steel Furniture, File Fittings, Book Equipment I30
Jiangxi Tianxian Fine Storage Equipments.Co., Ltd. Columbarium, Memorial Tablet Shelf  I31
Jieyang Maodiyuan Hardware Plastic Co., Ltd. Kitchenware, Cupboard I15
Jieyang Nanfeng Plastics Shoes Industry Co., Ltd. Home Supplies I16-I17
Jieyang Yueshun Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. Plastic Shoes A10-A11
Jieyang Yuzhiyuan Shoes Co., Ltd. Shoes B11
Jieyang Zhen An Da Plastic and Electric Co., Ltd. Barreled Water & Water Pumps, Heaters, Mosquito Lamps, Alcohol Stoves H16-H17
Jieyang Zhoushun Hardware Industrial Co., Ltd. Metal Cutlery, Plastic Products J14-J15
Kadoya Everbright Trading Co., Ltd. Pet Bottles  A5
Kdf Int'L (Sz) Ltd. Switch, Electronic Components D24
Kinwing Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.  Toaster, Kettle, Coffee Maker I3-I4
L Lab Corporation Limited Wall Charger, Car Charger, Power Bank, USB Cable G20-G21
Lepucare (India) Vascular Solutions Private Limited Healthcare Electronics & Wearables: ECG Smart Band and Watches G6
Liaoyang Zihua Trading Co., Ltd. Textile Toys B7-B8
Lila Art And Crafts Décor & Furniture J16-J17 K16-K17
Long Zhao Xin Furniture Co., Ltd. Furniture H24-H25
M Square Hand Massage, Massage Chair, Massage Cushion C21
Madam Coop (Korea) Broom I14
Malik Designs Home Décor L1-L2
Odisha Investment Export Promotion Office (OIEPO) L16-L17
Paramount Trading Corporation Pvt. Ltd. Home Décor K5-K6
Powerjet Appliances Appliances, Oven Toaster Grills, Water Heater, Geyser, Water Purifier E5-E6
Precision Deep Draw Home & Kitchen K9-K10
Seedeer (India) E-Commerce Private Limited All Categories – Consumer Electronics, Footwear & Apparel, Toys & Novelty, Home & Office, Cosmetics, etc. B4
Senbiz Industry Co., Ltd.  Keyboard, Mouse, Mouse Pad, Earphone, Loudspeaker Box D11-D12
Shen Zhen Jiangshanlai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Cooling Fan E22-E23
Shen Zhen Shidu Digital Co., Ltd. Voice Amplifier, Portable Speaker, Bluetooth Speaker, Wireless Microphone B32-B33
Shenyang Dasheng Trading Co., Ltd. Textile Toys A6-A7
Shenyang Dingtuo Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Textile Toys B5-B6
Shenyang Libaijia Trading Co., Ltd. Probiotics of Intestines and Stomach A9
Shenyang Shenghaofei Trading Co., Ltd. Hand Bag, Leisure Bag A8
Shenzhen Alldocube Technology and Science Co., Ltd. Tablet, Laptop D28-D29
Shenzhen Asundar Electronics Co,. Ltd. Simulate Battery, QC/PD Charger Tester C34
Shenzhen Baiwan Advertising Co. Ltd. 3C Accessories & Magazines F25
Shenzhen Changyin Electronic Co., Ltd. Headphones, Bluetooth, Mobile Handsets, Tour Guide, Electronic Hearing Aids F29
Shenzhen Creality 3D Technology Co., Ltd. 3D Printer I10
Shenzhen Csxt Multimedia Technology Co., Ltd. LCD Ad Detector D14-D15
Shenzhen Ecvv Network Technology Corp., Ltd.  F14-F15
Shenzhen Equantu Technology Co., Limited Electric Toothbrush, Mirror C22
Shenzhen Evisuals Technology Co., Ltd.  Document Camera, Visualizer, Face And Iris Recognition Camera, Identity Verification Device, Passport Reader C4
Shenzhen Feihe Electronics Co., Ltd. Desk Lamp, Wireless Charging, Bluetooth Speaker H11
Shenzhen Fujikam Industry Development Co. Ltd. Cloud Wifi Camera C12-C14
Shenzhen Golf & Feihuang Technology Co., Ltd. Power Bank, USB Cable, Wireless Charger, Car Charger, Car Holder E11-E12
Shenzhen Grand Powersource Group Co., Ltd. Power Bank Battery & Casing & PCB, Personal Transportation EV Battery, Wearable Device Battery, UPS F18-F19
Shenzhen Ground Enterprises Co., Ltd. Sound Bars, Head-Phones, Wireless Speakers, Rear View Camera, Bluetooth Audio/Video Device, Mouse and Keyboards D16
Shenzhen Haoen Technology Co., Ltd. Car Phone Mount F22
Shenzhen Hinet Electronics Co. Ltd. Electric Music Instrument and Accessories such As Roll Up Piano, Roll Up Drum Set, Midi Cable, Audio Interface, Sound Card, Wireless Microphone, Guitar Interface C5-C6
Shenzhen Hongchuang Supply Chain Co., Ltd. Smart Phone D18
Shenzhen Honghaotiancheng Technology Co., Ltd. Bluetooth Earphone D10
Shenzhen Hontron Display Technology Co., Ltd. LCD, LED C35-C36
Shenzhen Howshow Technology Co., Ltd.  LCD Writing Tablet F9
Shenzhen Huazeng Technology Co., Ltd. LED Lamps, Bluetooth Speakers, Earbuds, Fans C9
Shenzhen Innnovation Bo Chun Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Phone Case, Air Pods Case, Tempered Glass, Bluetooth Speaker, Bluetooth Earphone F10
Shenzhen Jinhui Electronic Manufacture Co,. Ltd. Charging & Data Cable for Mobile Devices and Smart Phones, Wall Charger, Car Charger, Earphone, Power Bank F16-F17
Shenzhen Joinwe Electronic Co., Ltd. Tv Box, Mini Pc, Air Mouse, Remote Control, Mini Projector  C10
Shenzhen Jren Technology Co., Ltd. Tablets, AI & IOT Products C1-C2
Shenzhen Kaadas Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Digital Door Lock F3-F4-G3-G4
Shenzhen Kids & Bud Industries Co., Ltd LCD Writing Tablet C8
Shenzhen Landsmart Technology Co., Ltd. TWS / Earphone D32
Shenzhen Lanstronic Tech. Co., Ltd. TWS Earphone, Necklace Sports Earphone, Tws Mini Speaker G16-G17
Shenzhen Li-Ion Battery Bodyguard Technology Co., Ltd.  BMS/PCM LED Display Board G9
Shenzhen Long Island Forever Technology Co., Ltd. Programmable Keyboard, Magnetic Card Reader, Customer Display, Bluetooth Keyboard F20
Shenzhen Lqc Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Power Bank, Bluetooth Headset, Cable C3
Shenzhen Manridy Technology Co., Ltd. Smart Watch, Smart Bracelet, Smart Thermometer, Smart Massage Sticker  E26-E27
Shenzhen Melonic Electronics Co., Ltd. Electro-Acoutstic Products E7-E8
Shenzhen Microboe Icutes Technology Co., Ltd. Icutes Animal TWS Speakers, TWS Earphone C18
Shenzhen Neusound Co., Ltd. Bluetooth Speaker, Sound Bar, Portable Speaker, Bluetooth Audio G29
Shenzhen Oceantech Electronics Co., Ltd. Bluetooth Speaker, Tws Earbuds, Mobile Accessories F23
Shenzhen Powerally Energy Co., Ltd. Battery F24
Shenzhen Premier Cocar Co., Ltd. Multimedia Player, Car Monitor, GPS Navigation, DVD, Rear View Camera G22
Shenzhen Qixin Electronics Co., Ltd. Switching Power Adapter, Travel Charger, Cell Phone Charging Station C7
Shenzhen Relish Technology Co., Ltd. Electric Toothbrush, Water Flosser G11-G12
Shenzhen Shenlan Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. Irons, Interphones, Bluetooth Device G15
Shenzhen Sinco Technology Co., Limited Electric Toothbrush C33
Shenzhen Sonoff Technologies Co., Ltd. Wifi Smart Switch & Socket & Lighting C40
Shenzhen Sunbow Ind Company Limited Car DVR, Sports Camera D19
Shenzhen Tbit Technology Co., Ltd. GPS Tracker, Tracking Device F21
Shenzhen Topway New Energy Co., Ltd.  Wireless Charging B23
Shenzhen Viwipow Electronics Co., Ltd. Battery Charger E17
Shenzhen Witgain Technology Limited PCB G24-G25
Shenzhen Xianda Information Technology Co., Ltd. Mobile Phone Screen Protector, Mobile Phone Case, TWS Earphones, Gaming Controllers, Blutooth Speaker G28
Shenzhen Zkmagic Technology Co., Ltd. TV Box, Mini PC, Tablets Etc. E5-E6
Shenzhen Zone Sport Products Co., Ltd. Waterproof Phone Case, Waterproof Case, Waterproof Packbag F28
Shenzhen I-Link Technology Co., Ltd. Bluetooth Speaker, Bluetooth Headphone, Bluetooth Audio Connector, Physical Cooling Device, Infrared Wireless Charger F26
Shenzhen Taihetangjian Technology Co., Ltd. LCD and Liquid Crystal Display Modules F11-F12
Stallion Décor Home Décor L1-L2
Taidea Tech. (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd. Knife Sharpener, Sharpening Steel, Sharpening Rod, etc. H19
Taizhou Jingle Household Products Co., Ltd. Plastic Water Bottle J10
Tanyun Junrong (Liaoning) Chemical Research Institute New Materials Incubator Co., Ltd. B10
The Furniture Company Inc Handicrafts J1-J2-K1-K2
Ubetter Technology Company Limited Storage Battery G10
Universal Just and Action Society Decorative Wooden Items L3-L4
Vedansh International - Mopower Future Technology Mobile Accessories D3-D4
Vinod Cookware Kitchen Essentials- Stainless Steel Products, Sandwich Maker, Pressure Cooker, Kitchen Utensils J11-J12 K11-K12
Vishnu International Furniture J25-J26-J27 K25-K26-K27
Wenzhou Heirsun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Switch H12
Win2000 Telecom Co., Ltd Phone Case, Chargers, Cables, Tws, Power Bank C16-C17
Winstar Electrical Enterprise Co., Ltd. Blender H3-H4
Xinghua Kangying Foods Co., Ltd. Dehydrated Vegetables  A12-A14
Yingkesong Biye Research And Development Center Shenzhen Co., Ltd. Active Capacitive Stylus G23
Yingkou Tanyun Polymer Resin Co., Ltd. Pvb Resin Production Technology B9
Yiwu Rong Xiang Clock & Watch Co., Ltd. Electronic Watch B1
Zhejiang Hengfeng Sports Equipment Co. Ltd. Scooter, Electric Scooter  K15
Zhejiang Henglai Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. Plastic Products, Dustbin, Storage Box K14
Zhongshan Huaxiang Home Appliances Co., Ltd. Electric Oven H18
Zhongshan Huixu Electric Technology Co., Ltd. Radio, Portable Bt Speaker D26-D27
Zhongshan Jibao Electronic Co., Ltd. Electronic Body Scale, Electronic Body Fat Scale, Electronic Kitchen Scale I18
Zhongshan Ruihua Watch Co., Ltd. Watch & Watch Part B2
Zhongshan Umup Furniture Mfg. Ltd. Furniture I28-I29
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